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PBIOS welcomes Monnie Sparkman, a longtime PBIOS Board member and owner of Liberty Fishing & Rental Tools, as president of the 2016 show. 

Monnie Sparkman is a familiar face at the Permian Basin International Oil Show. He has been on the PBIOS board for 30 years, including several years serving as the assistant to executive director Tony Fry. Sparkman is a familiar face in the Permian Basin region, too. He has been a resident of Odessa for most of his life. He's a graduate of Permian High School. He's on the Ector County Airport Advisory board. And he started working at oilfield supplier Liberty Fishing & Rental Tools 40 years ago, becoming the owner in 1999.

Anyone who has spent a lifetime in the industry, as Sparkman has, knows a thing or two about booms and busts. And Sparkman knows that busts always end. “Anyone who has been around this industry very long has seen all this before,” he says. “We are going to stand tall and hang in there just like we have done through every other down cycle. We encourage everyone to be strong and keep their heads up. Things will get better.” 

Sparkman believes that this year's show will mark a turning point. Recent activity indicates that the outlook is improving for the industry. Sparkman feels certain that the price of oil will be rising to around $60, and will hopefully stabilize in that range. Accordingly, Sparkman feels that this year's show will serve a dual purpose of sorts. "This year's show represents an opportunity to celebrate our survival of some very tough times," Sparkman said. "But it's also an opportunity to prepare for the better times ahead. And that makes this year’s show very special."